Syracuse Music Collective Interviews DEVORA at del Lago Resort and Casino 2/11/23

God is Dead is the bold title of the newest release from acclaimed “outlaw pop” artist DEVORA.
Raised in the blistering heat and treacherous desert sun of Arizona, DEVORA’s lyrics draw from
her experiences growing up in the often lawless and sometimes sinister American Southwest.

With the release of her newest EP God is Dead, DEVORA delves deeper into the modern goth-
western landscape painting images of decaying ghost towns, dark rodeos, haunted deserts and
tales of love and loss. The images mixed with catchy riffs and dark pop hooks create an
alternative pop-country sound that pulls the listener into the surreal western outlaw world.

Syracuse Music Collective had the opportunity to sit down with DEVORA at the Vine Showroom
at del Lago Resort and Casino to chat about her newest EP, God is Dead, the tour and what’s to

SMC:                     This is Syracuse Music Collective we are sitting with DEVORA. First things first, how did you get started in the music business?

DEVORA:                So, I have been singing and writing music since I was a baby basically, and as I got older I started my love for playing guitar. I started off by playing instruments and that eventually grew into writing stories and poems which then later turned into songs so for as long as I could remember I have been making music.

SMC:                     So, you have been doing this since you were really little?

DEVORA:                Yes.

SMC:                     Since you started so young, who are or what were your biggest musical influences?

DEVORA:                Biggest music influences…hmmm. My biggest musical influence is now and has been since I was in middle school and high school, Nine Inch Nails. They were a huge, huge influence for me. Johnny Cash, of course, Shania Twain. Growing up I listened to a lot of country but also a lock of rock and emo, it’s kinda my thing.

SMC:                     Nice. Interesting mix there for sure. I keep reading about the terminology “outlaw pop.” It’s not a term I am familiar with. When I was listening to your music, I want to say it has almost a very dark country sound to it, so how would you explain the origins of this sound you came up with, “outlaw pop.”

DEVORA:                So outlaw pop is kinda like this all-inclusive and encompassing term that I created for music that is all about rebellion, going your own way, taking the road less traveled and celebrating individuality and everything that encompasses being an outlaw.

SMC:                     I did a little more research on you and I saw on your online store you have a digital comic for the song “Body Bag.” I enjoyed it because it was different. Do you plan on doing more comics like that or collaborations turning the song into graphic visualizations?

DEVORA:                Yes. So, I wrote that and did the artwork for that comic book. There is a second installment in the works, and it is something I would love to continue.

SMC:                     I am interested in seeing it because it’s one of the first things I saw when I went to your site and was wowed! Comics.  I liked it, the visualization of it and the persona for it as well, it was cool. Ok a two-part question, so what is your favorite part of being on the road and touring, and what is your least favorite part?

DEVORA:                I love being in a new city every night and getting to meet new fans, new people, explore different cities I have not been to before, and just playing live every night is a blessing and I enjoy it. I guess the least favorite thing probably is it is not always easy or convenient to get good food on the road so you are limited to when you are in a rush to grab whatever crap is there, so  that is probably my least favorite part, but tolerable.

SMC:                     I get that (laughs). Lastly, any future plans or upcoming adventures you want to share in general with your fans?

DEVORA:                Yes. Continuing to work on new music and hopefully have some touring announcements coming up soon for spring and summer.

SMC:                     Again, thank you for taking the time hang out with us.

DEVORA:                Thank you as well.


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