Show Review: Okilly Dokilly & Steaksauce Mustache at The Crafthouse

Photos and Review by Jeff Lasich

Godspeed little doodle.  On Sunday April 24, Phoenix, Arizona’s premier Nedal band, Okilly Dokilly made a stop at The Crafthouse just outside Pittsburgh during their farewell tour, appropriately titled Tourdilly Do.
They were joined on this tour by Oregon party band, Steaksauce Mustache.  Kinda punk, kinda chaotic and 100% energy this four piece ran and stomped across the stage, to a crowd who were very receptive. During the set, the orchestrated the worlds slowest wall of death as well as the shortest mosh pit.  They armed the crowd with balloons and swimming pool noodles.  At one point, the bass player left the stage and was in the middle of a circle pit while playing.  For an added bonus, they did a cover of Vanessa Carlton’s “1000 Miles.”
After they were done, 5 men dressed as Homer Simpson’s neighborino, Ned Flanders.  Sitting in the center front of the stage was an old busted television set that would occasionally blow smoke.  Gimmick bands can only go so far, but there was always something different about Okilly Dokilly.  Front man, Head Ned, makes an excellent Ned Flanders.  He has the same gentle mannerisms and easily works Ned speak into conversation.  If you haven’t heard them before, they play metal that is themed and inspired by Ned.  On this tour, there are two new Neds in the band, but they sound as tight as ever.  They opened with “Reneducation” from their second album, Howdilly Twodilly, followed by “When the Comet Gets Here.”  During the set, Head Ned busted out a t-shirt canon dedicated to the memory of his first wife, Marge.  He finished the set by stripping down to the skin tight ski suit, ala stupid sexy Ned Flanders.  If this is truly the end of Okilly Dokilly, they gave the Pittsburgh crowd a good memory.


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