Show Review: Dorothy Gives Syracuse Gifts From the Holy Ghost

Photos and Review by Natasha Lewandowski

Rock giant Dorothy made a stop on her Gifts From the Holy Ghost tour to the Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY on April 16. She brought along with her supporting acts Classless Act and Joyous Wolf.

With the venue almost filled to capacity, Classless Act from Los Angeles, California opened the show. They brought a feel-good, high-energy performance to get the crowd warmed up. Lead singer, Derek Day, gave his all during the set and the fans responded favorably.

Up next was Joyous Wolf. There wasn’t one part of the stage left untouched by vocalist Nick Reese. He was incredibly energetic and spontaneous running all over and getting the crowd engaged. Adding some spice to the mix were guitarist Blake Allard’s tasteful guitar riffs. They were like a chef’s kiss. I really enjoyed their performance.

The lights dimmed… and even before Dorothy hit the stage, the crowd erupted in chants to encourage her to take the stage. At times, I could hear her dedicated fans singing along and they were louder than her. The crowd went nuts when they played the hit single “Rest In Peace.” They worked their way through an outstanding setlist and at the request of the audience ended the evening with “Freedom.”

It was so nice to see people of all types in the crowd just rocking out and enjoying each other’s company and of course the music. That made my night.


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