Dillon Francis and Yung Gravy bring the spice to Buffalo Riverworks 02/05/22

   Photos and Review by Tanner Rawleigh


Dillon Francis and Yung Gravy are nearing the end of their “Sugar, Spice and Everything Ice” tour, but that did not seem to slow them own. Their stop at Riverworks in Buffalo, NY this past Saturday was highly anticipated, and it did not disappoint.

Gravy brought along DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip to open the shows. Tiiiiiiiiiip is well known for not only his musical style, but also fashion. He was not dressed as lavishly as some would expect, but his carefully crafted set of music to hype up the crowd was enough. Besides being the perfect hype man, he was also the giver of snacks as the bag he had seemed to have endless amounts that he handed out to the excited crowd.

The crowd had been chanting for Gravy all night and their wishes were about to come true. The Minnesota native is not someone you would expect to be an artist rapping about his love for motherly figures and questions about Tesla cars, but his unique and eclectic taste form a perfect persona whose charisma could fill an arena. Gravy ran through a setlist chock full of his viral hits as well as several cuts from his 2020 release Gasanova. I would be remiss not to mention his attentiveness to the crowd. At one point Gravy and Tiiiiiiiiiip stopped the show to hand out water to the crowd to make sure everyone stayed hydrated and safe.


It was time for Dillon Francis to take the stage. Francis is a prolific artist and is often credited for popularizing the genre of “Moombahcore.” I had high expectations and he blew them all out of the water. At first glance, Dillon looks like an average guy but as soon as he is behind his DJ board, he suddenly has the power to control a whole room. His nonstop audio assault kept the crowd dancing until the very last second. Getting his start in 2010, he is a bit of a legend in this scene and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The night ended with Gravy and Francis both taking the stage for a short but energetic set of their new collaboration Cake & Cognac which had only been released the day before the show. The crowd already knew every single word to the single “Hot Tub” featuring T-Pain.

Both Gravy and Dillon complimented the audience on multiple occasions that evening and mentioned it was their first time performing in Buffalo. Will we see more of them? I sure hope so, and I am willing to bet everyone who was lucky enough to see them this past weekend agrees with that sentiment.


Please enjoy this photo gallery from the show.



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