Highlights From Day 2 Camp Anarchy 2019 Legend Valley, Ohio

Riverside, California veterans, Voodoo Glow Skulls, kicked off day two of Camp Anarchy with an early morning dose of high-octane ska punk.  The audience wasted no time getting into the mix, with masses of body surfers and fans singing along. I have not seen the Voodoo Glow Skull live in close to 20 years and although their lineup has had some changes, it did not stop me from enjoying their set. I hope to catch them on their next tour.

Other noteworthy performances included former Black Flag singer Keith Morris’s OFF! The band wasted no time cranking out a seriously incredible selection of hits. Between songs, Keith regaled the audience with reminders not to trust the government and to stay informed.

It would be criminal not to mention the next band, The Damned has been recording and performing since as long as I have been alive. Currently celebrating over 40 years as a band, The Damned took the stage showing the masses they are still as intense as they were when they started out. Words cannot describe how passionate vocalist Dave Vanian is live. Capt. Sensible on guitar created the perfect sound! I am very humbled to have finally seen these punk legends tearing up the stage!

With day two winding down, other notables included, skate thrash legends, Suicidal Tendencies. Pennywise kept the energy and festival crowd running in high gear leading up to the night’s headliner, Rancid!

From the moment I heard the track “Adina” along with their battle cry Let’s Go I could feel the energy from the crowd building. I am no stranger to seeing the East Bay legends live and I have to say that each time I see them, they put on one incredible show. This past weekend at Camp Anarchy was no exception! From the moment Tim, Lars, Matt and Branden hit the stage kicking off the set with “Radio” the 4 piece band did not stop moving and neither did the crowd! Rancid played an incredible selection of tracks from their career including such songs as “Maxwell Murder,” “Dead Bodies,” “Telegraph Avenue,” and one of my all-time favorites “Nihilism!” With the final notes of “Ruby Soho” fading and the band taking their bows, day two comes to end. Thank you Rancid for continuing to put on great live shows.

Please enjoy pictures and highlights from Camp Anarchy Day 2. Thank you.



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