Cannibal Corpse, and Mayhem with Special Guests at The Rebel. Toronto, On. Canada. 09/27/23

Cannibal Corpse and Mayhem made a stop in Toronto with special guests, Blood Incantation and Gorguts.

Upon arriving at the Rebel in Toronto, you could see that the stage was set up for some death metal. Blood Incantation from Denver Colorado was all set to kick things off. They took the stage with such force that it was clear that they were going to leave an impact on the crowd. Blood Incantation is Paul Riedl (Lead Guitars, Vocals), Morris Kolontyrsky (Guitars), Isaac Faulk (Drums) and Jeff Barrett (Bass) Paul’s voice sounded very cutting-edge death metal especially on the tracks from their 2019 release Hidden History of the Human Race.

Blood’s Incantation Setlist:

Inner Paths (to Outer Space)
Awakening From the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)
Obliquity of the Ecliptic

After a short break, it was time for Gorgut from Montreal Quebec. The crowd was already high energy and when Gorgut took the stage, you could feel that energy continue to grow. Even though their set was short, Luc Lemay (guitar/vocals), Colin Marston (bass), Kevin Hufnagel (guitars) and Patrice Hamelin (drums) did not disappoint.




Bodily Corrupted

Considered Dead

Inoculated Life


It was time for the first headliner, Mayhem.

The Norwegian’s crew worked fast to have the stage ready for the band, setting up the instruments and props including a mast with each member of the band and album art covers as backdrops. They also added lots of smoke and dark scenery. The band took the stage and immediately fans started headbanging along, with horns raised in the air. They played a great mix of songs that spanned their career. Some highlights of their performance include, the amazing theatrics of Attila Csihar wearing tunics just like an evil Priest singing with a deep voice that will give you the chills. Attila uses an inverted cross made from human bones and a real skull and when he plays it seems like he is invoking dark spirits.

Another highlight was when the entire band changed into black cloaks before playing “Life Eternal.” Necrobutcher always amazes me with the super deep sounds he makes with his bass. It is the perfect addition to the evil and dark tone that their music creates.


Worthless Abominations Destroyed

Crystalized Pain in Deconstruction


My Death

Voces Ab Alta

Freezing Moon

Life Eternal

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Silvester Anfang



Pure Fucking Armageddon

Right after Mayhem’s stunning performance it was time for the headliner of this current North American Tour, the iconic death metal band from Buffalo, NY, Cannibal Corpse. If you have seen Cannibal Corpse before you know you can expect the classic black and red backdrop, Alex Webster with his magic fingers on Bass, Rob Barrett’s fast guitar riffs, Paul’s Mazurkiewicz iconic sounds behind Drums, George’s “Corpsegrinder” deep voice and huge neck that dares anyone to headbang as hard as he can, with the addition of Erik Rutan on the lead guitars they meant business and rocked a jam packed venue. The band played mostly classics with a few off their newest release, Chaos Horrific, mixed in. Cannibal Corpse still has some dates left on this tour so make sure you get out and see them live!


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