LIVE: The Klash of the Titans Tour with Kreator, Sepultura & Death Angel at the Roxian Theater

Photos and Review by Jeff Lasich

The “in” thing this concert season is package tours with several big-name bands where each band on the lineup can be a headliner. The Klash of the Titans tour is one of those packages. The lineup includes, Death Angel, Sepultura and Kreator and the tour made a stop at the Roxian Theater in Pittsburgh on May 17, 2023.

Kicking off the show was SpiritWorld. Hailing from Las Vegas, they were supporting their second record, Deathwestern, which is the same title people have used to describe them. Dressed in their finest western wear, it would be easy to be fooled into thinking they are a country act. They are not, their roots are in hardcore and that came through during their short, but well-received set.

Next up were the Bay area thrashers, Death Angel. Formed in 1982, this band has been around for a while and has had an impressive history.

Vocalist, Mark Osegueda, took command over the stage during their strong, although short set. The current lineup has Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar on guitars, Will Carroll on drums and Damien Sisson bringing the thunder behind the drum kit. Favorite songs they played included, “The Dream Calls for Blood,” “Lord of Hate,” “Humanicide” and “The Ultra Violence/Thrown to the Wolves.”  The crowd was left wanting more. Near the end of the set, Oseueda said they would be back in June for their own headlining tour.

Third up was Brazil’s favorite death/thrash band Sepultura. When the band hit the stage, you could immediately tell that they were pumped and super into it. There have been several lineup changes over the last forty years. Their current members consist of vocalist Derrick Green, guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Jr, and drummer Eloy Casagrande. They started with “Isolation” and ripped through an almost hour-long set playing songs from the various decades of their career. I particularly enjoyed “Propaganda,” “Ali,” “Agony of Defeat,” “Refuse/Resist.” They closed out their set with “Roots Bloody Roots” from their 1996 album, Roots.

It was Kreator’s turn to headline. They also started out in 1982 and have a long history.
Kreator still has two original members, Mille on vocals and Ventor on drums. On this tour, guitar duties were handled by Sami Yli-Sirnio and Frederic Leclercq on bass. Their set started off with “Hate Uber Alles,” the title track of their most recent album. The stage show consisted of good lighting and a lot of fog, which really added to the vibe of their show. Other songs Kreator that the crowd enjoyed were, “Enemy of God,” “Hordes of Chaos,” “Satan is Real” (which as a photographer, created some impressive photos) and “Flag of Hate.” They ended the evening with “Pleasure to Kill.”  This was my first time seeing Kreator and I was not disappointed.

I would recommend catching this entire lineup as it was an incredible show and don’t forget Sepultura will be back in June!

Check out my photos.

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