Militarie Gun, White Ripper and Mamalarky at The Opera House. Toronto, On, Canada 03/14/2023

Militarie Gun made a stop in Canada for one exclusive night at the Opera House in Toronto. The band served up a special performance for the audience that included a recently released song that was recorded in conjunction with the band Dazy from Richmond, Virginia called “Pressure Cooker.” They are on the road supporting American garage punk band and show headliner White Ripper.


Starting off the evening was, Mamalarky an American indie rock band formed in Austin, Texas and based in Atlanta. They warmed up the crowd with their laid back, relaxed indie rock with some psych, jazz rock fusion mixed in. Livvy Bennett (vocals, guitar), Dylan Hill (drums), Michael Hunter (keyboards) and Noor Khan (bass) performed a nice sampling of their music to get the night started off.


The next band up was Millitarie Gun. The band started right off with their hit “Ain’t No Flowers,” followed by “Let Me Be Normal,” “Do It Faster,” “Don’t Want to Know You are Lonely” and the anticipated “Pressure Cooker.” “Pressure Cooker,” their collaboration with Dazy, was added to the deluxe release of their debut album All Roads Lead to the Gun. The band ended their set with fan favorite “Big Disappointment.”

Millitarie Gun, from Los Angeles, is working hard to deliver new songs with a variety of collaborators to keep their fan base satisfied with their music and to attract new listeners. They are currently on their second leg of their US tour so catch them this time if you missed them the first time around. They will also be heading overseas to Europe this summer. We were very lucky to have them make a stop here on this tour.  The band is led by vocalist Ian Shelton (Regional Justice Center), guitarists Nick Cogan (Drug Church) and William Acuña, bassist Max Epstein, and drummer Vince Nguyen (Modern Color).


  • Ain’t No Flowers
  • Let Me Be Normal
  • Disposable Plastic Trash
  • Kept Talkin’
  • Do It Faster
  • Fell On My Head
  • Life in Decline
  • Don’t Pick Up The Phone
  • Don’t Want To Know If You’re Lonely
  • Will Logic
  • All Roads Lead To The Gun
  • Dislocate Me
  • Pressure Cooker (New song, Dazy Cover)
  • Big Disappointment

It was now time for the headliner. White Ripper is an American garage punk band based in Louisville, Kentucky. They started their set with “Make Me Wanna Die” followed by “Asking for a Ride” and “Bozo.” The band played a great mix of their  extensive discography that kept the audience engaged.


White Ripper is Tony Esposito (guitar and vocals), Ryan Hater (keyboards), Hunter Thompson (guitar) Nick Wilkerson (drums, and percussions), and Sam Wilkerson (bass). They really know how to interact with their fans and had everyone chanting and singing along throughout their performance. They ended the evening with a sing along of “Judy French.” Everyone had a great time and was left wanting more.


  • Make Me Wanna Die
  • Asking for a Ride
  • Bozo
  • Real Long Time
  • I Don’t Think She Cares
  • Don’t You Think I Know?
  • Might Be Right
  • Little Silver Cross
  • Fog Machine
  • Sheila
  • Ring
  • Raw
  • Pink Slip
  • Daisies
  • Conspirator
  • Pages
  • Half Bad
  • Judy French

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