Imperial Triumphant at The Opera House. Toronto, ON, Canada. 09/16/2022

The technical death metal band from New York, Imperial Triumphant, played at The Opera House in Toronto in support of their current North American Tour with Zeal and Ardor.

Imperial Triumphant started the show with an intro where each member took to the stage separatelystarting with Kenny Grohowski (drums), then Steve Blanco (bass and backing vocals), and Zachary Ezrin(Guitars, main vocals). Steve Blanco’s stage presence was highly entertaining. He was constant motion, all over the stage, playing with his bare fingers. Zachary Ezrin complemented Blanco perfectly with his unique playing technique and deep, growly voice. Kenny Grohowski’s drumming was smooth with a jazzy sound and alternating speeds.

Imperial Triumphant delivered to the Toronto audience a nice sampling of their New York City
sound, its daily busy life and chaos with heavy, loud sounds in the form of death metal with a
jazz feel at times.

I can’t wait for the band to come back again and witness a full set of their superior performance!




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