Baroness at Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, Canada. 04/12/22

Photos and Review by David De La Huerta


The iconic Horseshoe Tavern, in Toronto, hosted Baroness for one of three Canadian stops on their “Your Baroness North American Tour.”

Baroness is an amazing and exceptionally talented Sludge band from Savannah, Georgia lead by John Baizley (Lead guitars and vocals), Gina Gleason (Lead guitars and backing vocals), Sebastian Thompson (Drums), and Nick Jost (Bass and Keyboards). For those that have been able to attend any of their shows during this tour, their setlist includes a variety of songs from their albums Red, Blue, Purple and Gold and Gray. The band kept the audience engaged and singing along the entire time. They played fan favorites along with a few tracks they had never played live before.

Baroness played a solid, twenty-four song, three-hour long set with no openers. You could literally see that they were exhausted, but that did not stop them from delivering an outstanding performance for their fans. They worked their way through songs like, “Borderlines,” “Morning star,” “The Sweetest Course,” “Jake Leg,” “Shock Me,” “EULA,” and “Tourniquet” with intense energy and enthusiasm. They hammered out fast-paced songs and mixed up with some acoustic tunes as well. Shortly after the more mellow songs, Sebastian Thomson (Drums) had a slight hiccup when he blew his snare drum in the middle of a song. He didn’t let it slow him down at all and continued playing while the drum techs fixed the issue. He only paused briefly between songs to adjust, tune and the band played on. It was incredibly professional. What a performer! It was such a remarkable show that I am certain the attendees will never forget.

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