Sepultura Quadra Tour at Opera House. Toronto, Canada 03/16/22

Photo and Review by David De La Huerta

It is still hard to believe that there are many bands who put out albums in the past three years who were not able to tour due to the pandemic. Some were able to offer livestreams so we could get a taste of their music while we were stuck at home. Thankfully, we are able to see them perform their “new” music live which is an experience many of us live for. Sepultura, was one of those bands. They released their fifteenth studio album, Quadra, in February of 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic. They finally are able to tour and made a stop at Toronto’s Opera House . They brought along with them metal acts Art of Shock and Sacred Reich.

Art of Shock, the opening band, in all honesty I did not know much about them and what to expect from this band being my first time seeing them live. They opened their set playing “A Cast Shadow” a rapid-fire of sounds and heaviness on a high volume, same with Declaration of War, another super fast pace song almost like a battle cry that could help many soldiers to bring adrenaline before a war!

The show kicked off with opener, Art of Shock. I did not know much about the band as I had never seen them before. They opened their set with “A Cast of Shadow” a rapid fire, heavy song. I enjoyed “Declaration of War” another super, fast-paced song that reminded me of a battle cry intended to get soldiers adrenaline flowing before going to war. The Californian band formed by Art Geezar (guitar and vocals), Adrian Geezar (drums), Nick Estel (guitar) and Brize Snyder (bass guitar) did a great job showcasing their first full-length album Dark Angels. Please check them out if you love bands who bring a classic thrash metal sound.







Next up was Sacred Reich. If you love good old 80s thrash metal, then this band is for you! They are so much fun live. Sacred Reich released a new album in 2019 called Awakening and they are finally able to perform those songs live for their fans. The band consists of Wiley Arnett (guitar), Dave McCain (drums), Joey Radziwill (guitar), and Phil Rind (lead vocals and bass). The band tore their way through a mix of new and old tracks such as “Devide and Conquer,” “Awakening” and “Salvation” a song dedicated to founding member Jason Rainey who passed away in 2020.  Heavier riff-laden songs like “Ignorance” and “Death Squad” led to a massive mosh pit. Sacred Reich ended their set with “Surf Nicaragua” leaving the crowd wanting more. The set was an absolute treat for those who love classic 80s metal.


It was time for “La Gran Enchilada” of the evening… Sepultura! The band’s intro “Policia” rang out over the sound system as fans dashed toward the stage to catch a glimpse as Eloy Casagrande (drums), Paolo Jr. (bass guitar), Andreas Kisser (guitar) and Derek Green (vocals) emerged from backstage. They started things out with one of their new songs, “Isolation” that was well-received by the crowd. The shredding riffs from Andreas Kisser and powerful double bass drumming from Eloy Casagrande kept the audience moving the entire set.

Sepultura played most of the songs from Quadra and a good mix of tunes from albums Arise, Chaos A.D, and Nation. During “Sepulnation” the one and only Danko Jones joined Derek Green onstage. Speaking of Derek Green, kudos to him for touring while recovering from a broken leg. He was still out there performing with a cast on. If you have not heard the new album yet, give it a listen. It is representative of the classic Sepultura sound.


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