The Casualties All Out Tour in Buffalo 02/16/22

Photos and Review by Tanner Rawleigh


The Casualties are embarking on their 2022 “All out Tour” and made a stop in Buffalo, New York, at Mohawk Place. Joining them for this show were Stolen Wheelchairs, Rotten Stitches, and local support Pure Heel.

First up was Pure Heel, hailing from Buffalo. The band described themselves as “No Gimmick Hardcore.” They were accurate with their description and delivered a hard-hitting classic hardcore set.

Stolen Wheelchairs hailing from Philadelphia was one of the most energetic bands I have seen. Fronted by twenty-year old Oscar Capps, this band has an enthusiastic sense of youthful aggression, often jumping into the crowd to start a circle pit themselves. They were chockful of energy. I am excited to see what is next for these guys.

Rotten Stiches looked like a Street Punk band ripped right from the glory days. They provided a crushing set of pure non-stop punk rock. From animal print mohawks to lock necklaces, it felt like I was watching a classic punk band. Be on the lookout for some new music from them coming soon.

It was time for The Causalities. The venue went dark, and lights and alarms started going off on the stage to alert the crowd that the show was starting. The hit the stage immediately ripping into their classics. They had the fans engaged from start to finish. One of my favorite moments was when the singer of Rotten Stitches joined them on stage, and they had the crowd split in half. The crowd waited for their cue before charging at each other forming a wall of death as the band played on. If you have a chance to catch this tour, it is one you do not want to miss.


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