Mom Jeans Plays a SOLD OUT Show at The Westcott Theater 11/17/21

Photos and Review by Tanner Rawleigh

Mom Jeans brought their fall tour to Syracuse at the Westcott Theater this past Wednesday. The bill was stacked with four bands that all brought their own unique mixture of audio and visual art that left the sold out audience craving more.

Save Face opened the night, wasting no time assaulting the audience with hauntingly grim songs. Although they were all dressed in red jumpsuits, don’t let the uniformity fool you as they all brought their own unique theatrics that kept the crowd engaged. Vocalist Tyler Povanda was energetic and commanded the stage-like rock legends of the past. Save Face has just released Another Kill for The Highlight Reel on legendary label Epitaph Records and I have no doubts this record will stand tall alongside the other iconic albums released through the label.

Pool Kids was a band I went into the show unfamiliar with, but it did not take long for me to be impressed. The crowd was very energetic during their set. One fan mentioned that their live show breathes new life into their songs even though the studio versions are solid to begin with. The audience was treated to a few unreleased songs that I am very excited to hear again once they are released.

Origami Angel is a two-piece that may lack the “traditional” amount of people in a band, but Ryland and Pat are sure to fill that void with quality songwriting and pure talent. A highlight was hearing the crowd interact with Ryland regarding his favorite Pokémon. I wonder if he is still owning up to that promise he made about the fans guessing his second favorite character from the series. I am willing to take a stab at it.

Mom Jeans was up next to close the show. The crowd was already revved up and ready to go from the opening bands. The house speakers played the Zoomer anthem “Allstar” by Smashmouth to signal the start of their performance. The crowd sang along word for word with all of the band’s classics, but went quiet, listening carefully, when they started playing a new single from their forthcoming album, Sweet Tooth, scheduled to be released February 22. The band ended the show with vocalist, Eric Butler, showing off his trombone skills. The fans wasted no time chanting for an encore and the band graciously obliged.

The bands on this tour seem to have a comradery and family-like vibe that seemed to radiate throughout the entire theater providing an overall happy mood for everyone in attendance. The tour is about half over, so if you are able to, I suggest checking it out. It was Mom Jeans second time performing at The Westcott and I certainly hope it’s not the last.


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