Halestorm Returns To Syracuse’s NYS Fair’s Chevy Park

Photos and Review by Natasha Lewandowski


Grammy award winning rock quartet, Halestorm, made a stop at the New York State Fair
August 31st.

The band started off the evening with a live debut of their latest track “Back from the Dead.”
When lead singer, Lzzy Hale, took the stage everyone in attendance went wild! She couldn’t
thank the crowd enough for welcoming the band back to performing live. The band kept the
night rocking, performing hits like “Uncomfortable,” “Love Bites,” and even going back to
their self-titled album with “I Get Off” Drummer Arejay Hale (Lzzy’s younger brother) wowed
the audience with a killer drum solo midway through the set.

At the end of the night, there wasn’t a single person disappointed with their performance.
Halestorm ended the evening with hit song “I Miss the Misery” and everyone was singing
along. The best thing about the night was finally seeing people being able to enjoy the thrill
and excitement of live music again.

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