September Mourning With Special Guest Madame Mayhem & American Grim

Photos and Review by:

Natasha Lewandowski

Chris Besaw


Thursday February 20, Average Joe’s Beernasium in Baldwinsville played host to theatrical heavy metal artist September Mourning. September Mourning, currently on tour with special guests Madame Mayhem and American Grim is out on the road in support of their recently released EP.

Opening the show were some notable, upcoming bands from the Syracuse area, Cait Devin and Gravity. It was refreshing to see some fresh new talent and although their sets were brief, I look forward to seeing more from both bands in the future.

Next up was the New Jersey based industrial three-piece band, American Grim. American Grim is currently on tour for their newest release, Ultra Black. This was my first time seeing American Grim and I was impressed. Despite being a three-piece band, they produced a sound that rivals much larger bands. From the moment the stage went black, lead vocalist, Ryan Grim, started connecting with fans, constantly lapping the stage belting out songs. Notable songs included, “Freak Show” and “Living Terror.” The drummer, Tres Sins, deserves special recognition for his exceptional talent. He is keeping the art of the drum solo alive! After a high energy set, American Grim ended their performance with their fan favorite “Gods and Kings.”

Next up was the Manhattan based metal born, Madame Mayhem. Singer Natalie Cohen (Madame Mayhem) stormed the stage and tore into the heavy-hitting track “War You Started.” Madame Mayhem’s vocals blended perfectly with the incredibly talented band comprised of, Percy Trayanov (bass), Jason “J-Bomb” Harrison (drums), Tommy MacNamara (guitar) and Jared Cannata (guitar). Fans were treated to the band’s newest single, “Broken.” The band also paid tribute to the late Chris Cornell with their spin on “Cochise.” The crowd sang along with their fists in the air. After a fast and furious 35-minute, fist pumping and crowd moving set, the band ended with “Cruel Heart.” They promised that once they were done tearing down their gear, that they would hang out with fans for the rest of the night.

It was time for the main act. September Mourning is so much more than just a “concert.” Their stage performance is like witnessing a graphic novel brought to life. Once your soul is “reaped” it’s impossible to look away. September and her reapers, Riven, Shadou and Stich, kept the audience sucked in the entire time. Despite September noting that she was feeling a bit under the weather, they played an amazing set that included, “Hiding From Heaven,” “Unholy” and “Children of Fate.” If you have not seen September Mourning, you should check them out. They put a lot of hard work and creativity into their music and live performance. The band ended the set with their hit “Overdose.” As the final notes rang out and the visuals faded into the background, the soulless fans were left wanting more.

Please enjoy show highlights by Chris Besaw and Natasha Lewandowski.






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