69 Eyes Shows that “Hell Has No Mercy” for Syracuse’s Westcott Theater

Photos and Review: Natasha Lewandowski

The 69 Eyes, the gothic rock band from Finland made a stop at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY on January 26. They brought along a powerhouse of performers including, The Crowned, Sumo Cyco and Wednesday 13. The 69 Eyes are currently on the road for their “Hell Has No Mercy” tour showcasing their 2019 release West End.

Up first was Texas-based metal band, The Crowned. The band has released one full length album Apparition and expects to release their second EP later this year. Lead singer, Marc Coronado, flawlessly connected with the crowd. He even surprised everyone by showcasing his drumming skills throughout the set. I enjoyed their performance and am looking forward to the new album.

Next up was the female-fronted, Canadian rockers, Sumo Cyco. Lead singer Skye “Sever” Sweetnam took the stage and from the moment the first chords hit the air, she never stopped. Sweetnam’s energy and intensity permeated through the crowd. It was obvious that it was her mission to make sure every single person in the venue was having a good time. The band has some obvious influences, Rob Zombie and System of a Down. During their performance of “Sleep Tight” they went into a cover of System of a Down’s “B.Y.O.B.” It has been awesome watching this band continue to grow and I can’t wait to see what their future brings.

Shock Rockers, Wednesday 13, took the stage next. The band took the stage, each member in costume and full makeup. Wednesday 13 is currently on tour in support of their late 2019 release Necrophase. The band models their stage performance after their “shock rock hero,” Alice Cooper. The title track off their new album features Cooper and sets the tone for the album. Wednesday 13 took the audience through an elaborate horror story. There were multiple costume and set changes that kept everyone on their toes. Each song told a different part of the story. Seeing them live is an experience you don’t want to miss. I highly recommend checking them out.

Closing out the show was veteran performers, The 69 Eyes. One thing that impresses me about The 69 Eyes is that in their over thirty years of putting out music, they have only had one lineup change. It’s pretty rare to see that in the music industry. It shows in their stage presence; you can tell they are very comfortable playing together. The band lead by singer Jyrki 69 played a good mix of old and new including fan favorites, “Never Say Die,” “The Chair” and “Feel Berlin.” The band paused for a quick moment and then returned to a rowdy crowd that was chanting for more and played their encore set: “Framed In Blood,” “Dance D’Amour” and “Lost Boys.” A perfect end to an extraordinary evening of live music.




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