In This Moment’s Mother’s House of Horror Tour Closes With A Hometown Show!

Photos: Chris Besaw

Review: Kelly Besaw


In This Moment performed their final show of the Mother’s House of Horror Traveling All Hollow’s Eve Masquerade tour at the Palace Theater in Albany on October 27 with special guests Motionless in White, New Years Day, Ded and Little Miss Nasty Rock & Roll Burlesque.

Little Miss Nasty kicked off the show with their Burlesque style provocative dancing set to a variety of well-known rock and metal anthems. They got the crowd riled up for the rest of the acts.

Metal band, Ded, was up next. They performed donned in caveman-like attire with a backdrop of glowing neon paint smears. Lead singer, Joe Cotela, has an interesting vocal mix of growls and smooth harmony. They ripped through a seven-song setlist that ended with their hit “Anti-Everything.” The crowd loved it and were obviously ready for more.

New Years Day took the stage next. The seats started to fill in as the band played “Come for Me.” Lead singer Ash Costello knows how to work the crowd and soon had everyone standing with devil horns raised high during the band’s cover of Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile.” One of my favorite parts of their set was when their crew ambushed the stage to engage in a game of laser tag while the band played on. Since it was the last night of the tour, each band took the time to thank the crew and made sure they were recognized. New Years Day wrapped up their set with “Scream” and “Defame Me.” It was my second time seeing them and I think they sounded even stronger this time.

Watching the crew setup the stage for Motionless in White was amazing. If you are familiar with the horror film Trick ‘r Treat, the final product was a replica set up of the front of Rhonda’s house from the movie, complete with jack o lanterns and a red wagon. Very spooky! Lead singer Chris Cerulli has a charismatic stage presence. He is instantly likeable. You can feel the energy and love between the band members. They produce an intense sound. With Ryan Sitkowski (lead guitar), Ricky Olson (rhythm guitar), Vinny Mauro (drums) and Justin Morrow (bass) the band has no lack of talent. It was also my second time seeing Motionless in White. I enjoyed their performance the first time I saw them but this time, they completely blew me away. Highlights from their set included: “Reincarnate,” “Disguise,” “Brand New Numb” and “Eternally Yours.” Cerulli ended their set by handing out long stem roses to lucky fans.

The night raged on and it was time for In This Moment. By the time they took the stage, there had already been four and a half hours of dancing and music. The eager fans showed no signs of slowing down as Maria Brink took center stage on a massive platform fully covered in a flowing white gown as the band kicked things off with their cover of Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle.” Much like Motionless in White, In This Moment’s stage set up was incredible. The rest of the band wore white face paint for the opening song. It gave the whole thing a creepy but beautiful vibe. With quick costume changes between almost every song, In This Moment keeps things very interesting. They played a rousing version of “River of Fire.” Chris Howorth (guitar), Randy Weitzel (rhythm guitar), Travis Johnson (bass) and Kent Weitzel (drums) showcased their skills throughout the set.

Highlights of the set included “Legacy” a song that Brink wrote for her grandfather. It was a very touching performance. Brink clearly has much love and respect for her grandfather who she indicated, “came to every hometown performance she ever played.” Brink and the blood girls took the stage in wolf masks for “Big Bad Wolf.” The band sounded amazing during the heavy-hitting “Blood.” They ended the evening with the anthem everyone wanted to hear, “Whore.” Giant balloons were thrown out into the crowd as Brink’s satiny, smooth voice purred, “I am the dirt you created, I am your sinner and your whore. But let me tell you something baby, you love me for everything you hate me for.” The epic night of music came to an end. Brink invited all of the bands to join them onstage as they bid the crowd farewell. Since it was the last night of the tour, the bands were happy but emotional about it coming to an end. As a member of the audience, they made you feel the genuine connection they all seemed to have. The only question left unanswered was…what was the deal with the tree? You had to be there.

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