Whitechapel’s 10 Years Of Exile Tour at Syracuse’s Westcott Theater

Photos and Review: Jacob Previte

On November 2nd Whitechapel stopped in Syracuse at the Westcott Theater on their “This is Exile” ten-year anniversary tour.

They brought with them some big names from the deathcore genre including Chelsea Grin, Ocean and Slaughter to Prevail. To help round out the evening, CNY locals Malignant, Plastic Warriors and So This Is How It Ends also performed.

Up first were So This Is How It Ends followed by Plastic Warriors both out of Syracuse, NY. I have seen both bands on several occasions and they never disappoint. They were well received by the crowd and set the tone for the evening.

Malignant, a three-piece instrumental death metal band, showed the crowd at the Westcott Theater that vocals are not always needed to get the crowd moving. The band’s music was incredibly fast most of the time interlaced with slow, intense breakdowns.

Up next was the Russian powerhouse Slaughter to Prevail. They are one of my favorite bands in the genre these days. The band was pure brutality and intensity with hands down some of the most intense breakdowns I have ever heard. The band’s lead singer, Alex Terrible, is an intimidating man that sounds like a straight up monster when he sings with some of the lowest growls I’ve ever heard. I highly advise you see them live. It’s definitely worth it.

Illinois natives Oceano was up next. I had not heard their music prior to the show but now I understand what all the hype is about. Their music, with crazy pig squeals and an insane double drum kick is pure insanity. They have gained a new fan.

Chelsea Grin took the stage next. They are currently on tour promoting their new album Eternal Nightmare. I have also seen this band several times and they blow me away each time. Ex-Lorna Shore vocalist Tom Barber is a perfect replacement for former singer Alex Koehler who left the band earlier this year. Barber put his own person twist on old favorites such as, “Recreant” and Crewcabanger.” The crowd ate it up. Most pits, crowd surfing and walls of death erupted everywhere.

It was time for Whitechapel to take the stage. This was the band the crowd seemed the most excited for. The band made sure everyone got their money’s worth. They opened with the cutthroat tune, “Faces” and went immediately into “Elitist Ones” the single off their upcoming album Brimstone. The band didn’t slow down for a second. They kept the night going, playing hits like “Father of Lies,” “The Saw is the Law” and “This is Exile.” There was never a dull moment.

Whitechapel is up next and was the band the crowd was most excited for. From the first note to the last, the crowd was nonstop, and the band made sure everyone got their money worth. Opening with their cut throat song “Faces,” then immediately to “Elitist Ones”, the playing their new single off their upcoming album Brimstone, everyone knew they were in for a treat. Whitechapel definitely gave the crowd a run for their money never stopping or slowing down and playing hits like “Father of Lies,”” The Saw Is The Law,” and” This Is Exile” making the place go absolutely crazy. After seeing seven amazing bands, everyone who attended could agree that they experienced one hell of a night of deathcore music.


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