Bush and 10 Years at S.I. Hall Syracuse

Photos and Review: Chris Besaw


On Tuesday evening (October 2, 2018) grunge rock legends, Bush, made a stop at the S.I. Hall in Syracuse. The band proved to the near capacity crowd of close to 2000 that they can still rock out.

Opening the show was the alternative rock band 10 Years. 10 Years are originally from Knoxville, Tennessee and are on tour supporting their most current release (How To Live) As Ghost.  Their sound is quite complex. It integrates elements of melodic grunge with occasional hard riffs and energetic interludes culminating in an aesthetically pleasing mix!  Singer, Jesse Hasek, not only doubles down on guitar and vocals but is not shy when it comes to interacting with fans. He puts himself right out there. The band played a very well received set including some of their most well know hits such as “Wasteland,” “Novocain,” and a very noteworthy version of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box.”  The crowd was definitely into them and you could hear fans in the audience between sets raving about their performance.

Now it was time for the post grunge hard rock icons, Bush, to take center stage. The band took the stage and kicked off the set with their hit, “Machinehead.” The fans were loving it, not to mention the hordes of now middle-aged women screaming for Gavin Rossdale, whose looks have not changed much over the years.

Their set included a mix of tunes that spanned their entire career, with such notable classics like “Everything Zen,” from their Sixteen Stone album to “Nurse” off their 2017 release Black and White Rainbows. Bush has had various lineup changes over the years and has maintained two original members, Rosedale and drummer Robin Goodridge. Current lead guitarist, Chris Traynor, (ex-Orange 9mm, Helmet) who has been with the band since 2002 had no trouble whatsoever hammering out the bands early material. In fact, his incredible guitar skills make it look effortless.

One of my favorite highlights from the show came right before the encore when during the hit “Little Things,” Rossdale left the stage and walked through the near capacity crowd singing the entire song from the floor with the fans! If you really want to see how much fans really adore him, just check out the video of the performance. The band ended their incredible set with a cover of the Beatles’ “Come Together,” a very powerful solo version of “Glycerine” and of course the mega-hit “Comedown.”

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