Syracuse’s Townhouse Warrior Releases New Album and Video

Upstate New York’s Townhouse Warrior says it all with their third release “Words, Unsaid.” A testament to late nights and long drives, Syracuse’s pop-punk revivalists are back with a truly DIY album. Since the spirited 2015 debut of “Seriously, I Don’t Mind” Townhouse Warrior have been maturing musically while maintaining their upbeat and spritely appeal. The 2016 album “For Every Wasted Day” was a clear step in shaping what would become the roots for this newest, fast-paced entry to the TW catalogue. With the addition of guitarist Tim Hall (ex Of Fortune and Fame, Trespassers) and only a little over a year since their sophomore album’s debut, the quartet touts a technical take on classic pop punk. High energy rhythms followed by exuberant cheers have been filling venues for the past three years courtesy of Kyle Malfa’s locally renowned drumming. Josh Rivet’s driving bass and live-wire presence returns, jumping out of each track with poise and fundamental groove. The practiced and positive four have even been expanding beyond the Salt City into PA, NJ, MA and more. Expect the bounding solos and vibrant riffage punctuated with vocalist/guitarist Zack Fitzgerald’s characteristic laid back and youthful themes to push TW further than ever. Do you ever take the time to wonder?

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