Show Review: Gwar Terrorizes Warped Tour At Darien Lake

Photos and Review: Riah Giles

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to interview Blothar from GWAR at the 2017
Warped Tour at Darien Lake, NY. I spent some time thinking about things I could do to set this
interview apart from any other boring old interview. So, I grabbed Mike McGee and Ben
Toland, both from the Rochester, NY based band The Results, to assist me.Truthfully, it was to
help shield me from Blothar – I was a bit terrified! I have a thing about masks and since GWAR
are portrayed as barbaric interplanetary warriors, it was definitely a unique experience for me.
I had been assured by multiple people that Gwar is great and I would have fun. So, we set off to
find them! Mike (drums) and Ben (bass) had just played a set on the WNY Korner Stage and I
thought it would be interesting to have a local band that had just played their first Warped Tour
ask a veteran music group some questions. What followed was a crazy conversation full of the
violent, scatological humor GWAR is known for. I was brave and jumped in with a few
questions! Enjoy!


Mike & Ben(M & B): So this shield, what’s it made out of?

Blothar (Bl): It’s a magic shield. It’s made out of the oak of the tree … that made the
cross that Christ was crucified on.

M & B: Gasoline or propane?

Bl: Gasoline all the way. I can’t stop huffing it! It’s my favorite thing to smell.

M & B: Your chains – do you hang keys from them? What are they for?

Bl: Are you talking about my tits?

M & B: Do you have keys hanging from your tits?

Bl: Why are you looking at my tits?! What’s wrong with you? Stop talking about them!
Now you’re just touching them like I’m giving you an invitation! This is clearly not a safe
space. No, I don’t hang keys on them, mostly I nurse children with them.

M & B: How do you feel about the world not being a safe space?

Bl: The world is not a safe space… it’s a f**king awful space full of death destruction and

Syracuse Music Collective (SMC): What is your second favorite food and you can’t
say crack?

Bl: I’m just gonna go ahead and say sh*t. It’s a delicacy, Balsac turned me on to it. You
take a baby and you just squeeze it, make a f**king sh*tty paste that comes out and line it
up on a piece of bread and eat it. Delicious. Baby sh*t.

SMC: What’s your favorite part about being superior to humans and what is your least
favorite part?

Bl: My favorite part about being superior to humans is that generally I don’t have to deal
with them in any capacity at all. I don’t have to talk to them, I don’t have to look at them,
I don’t have to think about them at all. That is by far the best thing about it. The worst
thing about it is that everybody wants a piece of me. When you get big like I am, they
want a piece of the action! Humans constantly take pot shots at me because they want to
mount me on the front of their goddamn pickup trucks. It’s ridiculous! You do what you
gotta do.

M & B: What’s your favorite bread to eat baby sh*t on?

Bl: Cibatta!

M & B: I’m gonna grab you again…..

It was by far the most entertaining interview I have done to date.
Next up, it was time to conquer another fear… shooting the set from the pit! I hadn’t
planned on this, so I wasn’t prepared with the rain gear needed to protect my camera from whatever
it is that Gwar is known for spraying everywhere. But a funny thing happened, after talking
with Blothar, my fear was gone and I actually enjoyed being in the pit. With the freedom of a
music festival, I was able to capture the fan experience – which is one of my favorite parts of any
concert. I came to the conclusion that Gwar has very dedicated, enthusiastic fans that truly love

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