Show Review : The Undead @ Funk ‘n’ Waffles DT 7/8/17

Photos: Chris Besaw

Review: Kelly Besaw

 Punk fans from all over the region made their way to Funk N Waffles in Downtown Syracuse Saturday July 8 to witness punk legends, The Undead. Fans showed up donned in spiked studded jackets, lots of black and some wore Misfits shirts to pay homage to former guitarist Bobbly Steele. The band arrived in perfect horror punk fashion, in their custom 1995 Fleetwood Hearse.

The Undead’s current roster consists of Bobby Steele (ex Misfits) on guitar and vocals, Joe Stoker drums, Diana Steele keyboards, vocals and guitar, and Jason Fresta on bass. The band was welcomed by an excited crowd as they took the stage.  Bobby Steele and bandmates started the night off right with the classic “ When The Evening Comes” and then went right into their version of the Misfit’s classic “Spook City.” The band treated die hard fans to their spooky version of the classic song “London Dungeon.”

Bobby paused for a moment to tell the crowd that they would be playing some songs off their soon to be released EP titled Undead Summer. The upcoming release, as Bobby puts it, will be a tribute…Undead style to the old beach movies of the 1960’s. The band played the title track “Undead Summer” along with another to be released track “Oh, Frankie.”

After an incredible performance, the band ended the night with style by performing some of their famous classics “Life of Our Own,” Put Your Clothes Back On,” “Never Say Die” and one of my all-time favorites “In 84!” One thing I can say about Bobby and his band is that for the first time seeing them in more years than I care to count, The Undead deliver high energy and intense punk rock songs with precision and they definitely do not disappoint! I hope to see them again soon, especially when the new EP comes out! 



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