Show Review: Non Point & A Killers Confession Lost Horizon Syracuse 6/4/17

Photos and Review : Jake Previte

Nonpoint, the popular metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida made a stop at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY on Sunday June 4. The twenty-year rock veterans, headlined a unique and lively evening of music.

Level VII, a new Metal band out of the CNY area, kicked off the evening. They are a band that is worth checking out. I wasn’t familiar with them prior to the show, but they had a strong stage presence. They just released their first video that you can find on their Facebook page.

Messer, the killer rock band from Dallas Texas was up next. I have to start by saying that their name has an awesome meaning. Messer means knife in German. For the band, it represents their cutting edge sound and the cutting edge technology that they use to deliver that sound. Their stage performance is top notch and they certainly live up to their name. Check out their single Simple Man available on their website


 The night of remarkable music was just getting started. Nine Shrines, from Cleveland Ohio took the stage and played a powerful set. They surprised the audience by shifting gears and playing a cover of county legend Garth Brook’s “Friend in Low Places.” They put an entirely different spin on the song but it worked. Check out their recently released EP Misery.

 Next up was the newly formed metal band, A Killer’s Confession. The band is the brainchild of former Mushroomhead singer, Waylon Reavis. I don’t know how to describe this band other than incredible! They just released their debut album Unbroken and the single “I Will Own You” features guitar work from Brian “Head” Welch of Korn. Their live performance includes everything a solid metal act should have… talented musicians, gritty yet harmonic vocals and melt your face off guitar and drum work. I strongly recommend checking them out.



It is hard to believe that Nonpoint has been rocking the music scene for twenty years. They have amassed an impressive and loyal fan base over the years. I noticed that they seem to make a stop in the Syracuse area almost every time they are on tour and for that we thank you. I have seen Nonpoint multiple times and they seem to get better every time. They know exactly how to win over the crowd with Elias Soriano at the helm, the band takes command of the stage and the audience. Nonpoint plays the perfect combination of old and new tunes to keep the fans engaged the entire time. They showed a lot of love for their fans and I know I will be in the crowd the next time they come to Syracuse.


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