Show Review: Mushroomhead at Monirae’s in Pennellville NY

Photos and Review: Jake Previte

Mushroomhead headlined a killer show at Moniraes in Pennellville, NY on Wednesday May 28.

Local act Murder in the Rue Morgue from Auburn, NY opened the show. This band is one to watch as they have been gaining national attention recently. They always put on a memorable show. I love that they treat everyone in the crowd like they are a friend. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Next up was Relicseed. I admittedly was not familiar with this band prior to the show. I can tell you that they gained a new fan that evening. The band creates a fusion of heavy metal and thrash and boy can they rock it. They play a diverse spread of music including one song in a different language that I was unable to pinpoint. This band is a must for metal fans.

I have been a fan of third act of the night for a few years but had not had an opportunity to see them live. There is nothing better than a live performance that exceeds expectation and the Browning did just that. The Browning, from Kansas City Missouri, laid down there blend of deathcore and EDM. These guys know how to work a crowd. They do not stop moving and the music is brutal but fun. Who can resist the Wall of Death?

It had been such an incredible evening of music already and it was time for Cleveland, Ohio based heavy metal band Mushroomhead to take the stage. This was my fifth time seeing the band and I would pay to see them any time. Their stage show is unique. From their complex use of black lights, intricate masks, musical talent and of course the water drums, it is like nothing else that I have experienced. Make no mistake, the theatrics are not there as a distraction. Mushroomhead is pure talent. They place emphasis on taking their live show to the next level and they never disappoint.


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