Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds treat fans to a near sold out show at Constellation Performing Arts Center (CMAC)

Photos: Jessica Nunez

Review: Kelly Besaw

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds made a stop on their 2017 summer tour to play a rare duo show at the Constellation Performing Arts Center in Canandaigua, NY on June 4. Dave and Tim took the stage at 7:55pm sharp and ripped right into “Satellite” to kick off a nearly three hour, 27 song set.

Dave Matthews paused after the first song and addressed the audience, “sorry we are a little late. We heard there was a little traffic, a bottle neck and we wanted to give as many people as possible a chance get inside and see the show.” The duo didn’t waste any times with idle chitchat and got right down to business. They played a perfect mix of old and new Dave Matthew’s Band hits with a few additional cover songs thrown in. Many fans sat down after the first song although they didn’t stay seated for long and were on their feet, singing and dancing when the duo performed “What Would You Say” and fan favorite “Crush.” The audience continued singing and dancing through “Why I Am,” “Warehouse” and “So Much To Say.” The crowd went crazy when the duo played “Rapunzel” and “Don’t Drink the Water.”  

Dave and Tim worked in some unique covers including Woodie Guthrie’s “Worried Man Blues,” Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and The Allman Brothers Band’s “Melissa” a fitting tribute to the late Greg Allman. Matthews showcased his vocals working in plenty of his trademark scat throughout the evening. He also proved that he knows his way around the guitar. The duo delighted fans with some intricate breakdowns and fancy fret work. Tim Reynolds brings the music to a whole new level with his godlike guitar work. The duo looked like they were having fun up there as they hammered through rocking versions of “Cornbread,” “Halloween” and ended the set with “Two Step.”

Matthews and Reynolds made the fans go wild with a double encore. The first encore included “The Space Between” and “Grey Street.” The duo thanked the crowd and bid them goodnight. The house lights stayed dim and the fans went nuts, chanting, cheering and pounding on the seats. Dave and Tim came out for the second encore of what ended up being a nearly three hour set and rounded out the evening with classic tune “Ants Marching.” It was the perfect end to an epic show.

I would like to extend a word of thanks to Tim Reynolds and his management for hooking staff photographer Chris Besaw and I up with awesome seats and VIP Lounge passes. As a woman and avid concert goer, the free drinks and snacks were very nice but the private restroom absolutely made my night. Clean bathrooms with no lines. I can’t thank you enough.  

Set list: Satellite, When the World Ends, What Would You Say, Crush, Why I Am, Warehouse, So Much to Say, #41, You & Me, Rapunzel, Don’t Drink the Water, Summer Night in December, Out of My Hands, Worried Man Blues (Woodie Guthrie cover), Funny the Way It Is, Samurai Cop, Lie in Our Graves, Kashmir (Led Zeppelin cover), Melissa (The Allman Brother Band cover), Cornbread, Jimi Thing, Crash Into Me, Halloween, Two Step

Encore 1: The Space Between, Grey Street  

Encore 2: Ants Marching



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