Show Review: Seether Brings Their “Poison The Parish” Tour To Upstate Concert Hall

Seether along with, Letters From The Fire, and Kaleido, played for a near sold out crowd at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park on May 16.

Kaleido kicked off the evening. This was my first time seeing them and they are reminiscent of Guns N Roses in terms of energy combined with the sound and feel of early No Doubt. Lead singer Christina Chriss has an incredible vocal range and stage presence. She had no problem keeping the audience’s attention. I highly recommend checking them out. You will not be disappointed.

Up Next, Letters From The Fire. I was glad to catch this band this time around after missing them just a couple days prior in Syracuse.  The San Francisco based group played a very intense and thunderous set. Singer Alexa Kabazie’s vocals rival other contemporaries of the metal genre.  The band did a great job keeping the crowd jumping and engaged. Some song highlights include “Worth The Pain” and “Perfect Life.”

The house lights were dimmed down low, the stage was sprinkled with only a few LED lights, fog rolled over the speakers and spilled out into the crowd. The very faint sound of scratching on the guitar could barely be heard over the excited audience. The silhouettes of the band creeped onto the stage and the shadowy figure in the center suddenly rips right into “Gasoline.” Shaun Morgan and company focused most of the evening on well-known hits such as “Truth,” “Rise Above This” and “No Jesus Christ.” They threw in a new song, “Let You Down” and ended the evening with one of their mega fan favorites, “Remedy” leaving the fans chanting for more. It’s easy to forget how many hit songs Seether has but this tour seems to be designed to treat fans to all of their favorites. Don’t miss it!



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