Show Review: Doyle Brings The Abominate the World 2017 Tour “As We Die” To Montage Music Hall

The Abominate the World 2017 “As We Die” tour featuring Doyle made a stop at the Montage Music Hall in Rochester, NY on Friday April 21. Fans from all over the region descended upon the music hall, decked out in their Doyle and Misfits apparel as they eagerly waited for the show to begin.

Doyle (The Misfits) current band’s roster consists of Alex Story (Cancerslug) on vocals, Brandon Pertzborn (Black Flag) drums, and Brandon Strate (They Live) on bass. The band was welcomed by a near capacity crowd at the Montage Music Hall as they stormed out onto the stage.  Doyle and bandmates immediately ripped into the title track off their current album Abominator and then tore right into “Headhunter” and “Learn to Bleed.”  The band treated fans to their amped up and killer versions of the Misfit’s classic songs “Queen Wasp,” Where Eagles Dare” and “Skulls.”

The band only paused for a brief moment allowing fans to catch their breath before the launched into “Cemeterysexxx.” Singer Alex Story told the crowd, “this is a love song, you can dance to it if you like. It’s about f*cking in graveyards cause it’s more fun.” Drummer Brandon Pertzborn performed flawlessly on thunderous versions of Misfit’s tunes “Green Hell” and “Bloodfeast.” The crowd was in for a real treat when the band played “Devils Whorehouse.” It was the first time they have played it on this tour.

After a grueling and intense performance, the sweat drenched band ended the night with their most well-known hit “Hope Hell is Warm.”  One thing I can say about Doyle and his band is that each time I see them live they get better and better.

If you missed this show, not to worry, the Abominate the World 2017 “As We Die” tour will be making one more stop in NY at the Evening Star Hall in Niagara Falls on June 29.

Doyle’s new album As We Die will be released on May 5th worldwide. Make sure you pick it up!


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