Photo Gallery: Off With Their Heads & Masked Intruder Standing Rock Benefit Show

Despite freezing temperatures and more snow, legions of fans came together at Sharkey’s Bar & Grill in Liverpool to take a stand for Standing Rock. Bands Off With Their Heads and Masked Intruder took a break from their tour with The Bouncing Souls to hold a benefit concert for Standing Rock.

 The benefit kicked off with some talented local acts including Hope Is, The Surrogates and Bridge Under Fire.

chris-besaw-sharkeys-show-14 chris-besaw-sharkeys-show-17 chris-besaw-sharkeys-show-5chris-besaw-sharkeys-show-2

Masked Intruder, was up next and there set was loaded with antics and insanity. Band members Red, Blue, Green and Yellow took the stage pounding out favorites like”The Most Beautiful Girl,” “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone tonight” and a really interesting version of The Outfield’s classic hit “Your Love.” One thing I really like about Masked Intruder is that they literally throw themselves into the crowd. Whether it’s Green having a mini dance party with concert goers or Officer Bradford partying with fans, they really keep  the crowd engaged.  If you like pop punk with lots of energy they are must see!

masked-intruder-3 chris-besaw-sharkeys-show-27

After a quick set change, it was time for the main act, Off With Their Heads! The Minneapolis, Minnesota based punk band took the stage and launched right into their high energy set. The band decided to take a break from their normal routine and did not have a planned set list. Instead, they took requests from the audience asking them to shout out songs they wanted to hear.

off-with-their-heads-11 off-with-their-heads-4

This resulted in fan favs like ” Shirts,” “Start Walking,” and “Nightlife.” Fans were in for a surprise when the band was joined by former member Steve Port who performed ” Die Today”, “I Am You” and “Janie”. Steve was incredible moving from singing, playing bass, rocking the guitar and he even got behind the drum kit for a song. This was a first for me as I had never seen anything quite like that at a show. I was very impressed by Off With Their Heads and I look forward to seeing them in the future!

All in All it was a great show to support a very honorable cause and I was glad that despite the snowy weather, it was still a good turnout.

If you still would like to make a donation please click here.


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