Photo Gallery: Riot Fest 2016 Douglas Park Chicago Day 1

Douglas Park in Chicago once again played host to the annual Riot Fest. The festival which is celebrating its 11th year is definitely one of the biggest festivals of 2016 for fans of punk, metal and hip hop. Riot Fest took place the weekend of September 16-18 and played host to many talented up and coming artists as well as seasoned alumni of the music industry.

The event kicked off Friday and some of the highlights of day one include:

The mighty Antartican Metal Monsters Gwar! GWAR is certainly no newcomer to the music festival scene. They got the festival goers worked up with their typical stage antics. I managed to survive the onslaught of flying Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton parts and fake blood splatters in the photo pit and caught up with guitarist Pustulous Maximus for a post-show interview, see below.

chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-gwar 9 chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-gwar 7

Other notable performances included The Specials, Jimmy Eat World, All Time Low, Refused and of course the re-united hardcore band Glassjaw.

chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-Refused 1 chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1- All Time Low 5 chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-glassjaw 5 chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-specials 1chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-jimmy eat world 2chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-specials 2

Day one ended on a high note with the undeniable kings of punk rock, NOFX, bringing their snarky and fast-paced punk rock styling to the stage. This was my first time at Riot Fest and my first time seeing NOFX live. What could be better? I have to say that chatting with Fat Mike of NOFX earlier that day took the cake.

chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-NOFX 10 chris-besaw-riot-fest-day-1-NOFX 7

Day one was an incredible start to a weekend of awesome music. Please enjoy the day one photos and interviews below.



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