Syracuse Music Collective Interviews Touby Fisher of DARKH

Czech Republic based Hard Rock band DARKH just released their new album “A Story Yet Untold” on September 29th and has been receiving some very nice accolades for the new album along with their new video release ” Bury Our Bones.”  I had the opportunity to conduct a interview via email with lead singer Touby Fisher recently. We discussed Darkh’s musical style, their influences and of course will they tour the US soon.

Hope you enjoy the interview.


SMC: So how did Darkh form?

Touby Fisher: It’s been a long time now and quite the adventure ever since. I think it all started shaping up for us back in late 2008. Tom and Andy were on a road trip to Germany to see Hardcore Superstar play a gig when they met Touby for the first time. While the idea and process of the band was around before, they did not have a front man to go along with it. Well, until that very moment, sorta… Let’s just say it’s a unique and funny story. But we’ll keep that for next time. Ha!

SMC: Before you were called Darkh, you went by the name Bitch and Chips, what is the story behind changing the name?

Touby Fisher: Yes, that’s right. We just felt like we needed to move on from past and start a new chapter in our lives. And that step was as simple as a name change…

SMC: For those some who are not familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound to them?

Touby Fisher: Loud. Raw. Intense. Dramatic. DARKH! 

 SMC: You have a new album coming out at the end of September, how was the process of writing and recording different than previous releases?

Touby Fisher: This is our first LP. The process of writing the songs and its recording was very unique and special. We have written and recorded 3 EPs prior to A Story Yet Untold, but for this one we wanted something different, we wanted to be away from Prague and our everyday life. We spent 2 weeks in Munich, Germany to record the album. And being able to spend 2 weeks in a different country, with people that you love and doing what you love, was truly amazing!

SMC: Your new video “Bury Our Bones“ just came out and it’s really amazing! How have fans been reacting to it?

Touby Fisher: The feedback so far was outstanding. And we’re really excited for what’s to come!

SMC: One thing I have noticed is that you guys have a very “down in the dirt” and “gritty” feel to your music, I was wondering who are your musical influences?

Touby Fisher: That is a tough question. We all like similar bands altogether but yet bring in different musical styles and preferences, anything from classic hard rock over rap to metal. And we like to combine those differences and make it DARKH.

SMC: I had seen last year you guys supported KISS at the O2 Arena that had to been incredible how did that come together?

Touby Fisher: For some odd reason we were part of competition from a local radio station to support Iron Maiden on their upcoming Prague gig. Next thing we know is the radio station calling and asking “hey guys, you want to support KISS?” And we were like “Is that even a question? HELL YEAH” So that’s that. Ha!

SMC: I had read online that Tom and Andy were in A KISS Tribute band before Darkh, is there truth to it?

Touby Fisher: Yeah, that’s right! For 4 years they were playing shows all over the country in full blown makeup and costumes. Tom was 14 and Andy only 12 years of age when it all started. So having the chance of supporting KISS with our band a few years later was and is a big thing…

SMC: Now after the new album comes out, are there any plans to tour the US?

Touby Fisher: Where can we sign up? We would love to! Let’s see how it pans out for us after the release.

SMC: If you had your choice of who to tour the US with (ideally) who would you choose.

Touby Fisher: The list would be too long as we would love to tour with all the bands we like. But hey, it would be great to join KISS on a full length US tour or be part of a tour with the ever rising Shinedown peeps.

SMC: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to the fans?

Touby Fisher: For those who check out our debut, we hope it’ll bring you as much joy as we had writing and recording it. And if you do check it out, let us know your thoughts. Thanks for having us, Syracuse Music Collective! See ya’ll on the road.


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