Show Review: Slipknot and Marilyn Manson Lakeview Amphitheater Syracuse NY

Photos: Chris Besaw

Review: Kelly Besaw

Slipknot and Marilyn Manson made a stop on their joint tour at the Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, NY on July 23. The tour features an aggressive schedule and will include stops in more than 30 cities across North America. Of Mice & Men joined as special guests.

First up was Southern California quintet Of Mice & Men lead by front man Austin Carlile. You can always tell when a band wants to be somewhere and really wants to play, when they hit the stage exactly on time and rip through as many songs as possible. That was the impression I got from Of Mice & Men and I can appreciate their effort and enthusiasm. Of Mice & Men tore through eight songs in thirty minutes that included booming vocals that alternated between screams and harmonic melodies, metal solos complete with whipping long hair and some seriously hard drum beats. Highlights of their set included “Public Service Announcement,”  “Never Giving Up,” “You Make Me Sick” and “Pain” off of their upcoming release Cold World due out September 9.

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After some uncertainty and much debate from fans as to whether or not Marilyn Manson would be healthy enough to play, the band took the stage. Manson previously cancelled his July 21 performance in Quebec City at the last minute due to illness. Manson started in with the theatrics immediately, throwing bags full of blue and red colored chalk into the crowd who responded by picking up the bags and throwing them in the air so that others could share in the fun. Manson’s set was full of oddities, including stained glass images of Manson in a Jesus-like pose at either end of the stage, a variety of microphones including one with a knife and one with brass knuckles, a Marilyn Manson $666 bill as the backdrop, a burning bible and even stilts.

The crowd filled in quickly as the first notes of “Angel With the Scabbed Wings” hit the air. Manson didn’t waste any time and jumped into the crowd to interact with the fans during the second song “Disposable Teens.”  There was a bit of flopping around the stage, throwing of a few microphones and some of the singing was incomprehensible at times but the worst part of the set was two very lengthy delays, one 15 minute delay where Manson left the stage after the fourth song “mOBSCENE” and another lengthy delay before the final song of the evening “The Beautiful People.” I am guessing that the delays are due to Manson’s illness and that hopefully once he is feeling better, he will resume a full length performance.  Despite the short set, Manson did a great job of engaging the fans. He performed the entirety of the Eurythmics’ cover “Sweet Dreams” perched above Paul Wiley (guitar) and Twiggy Ramirez (bass) on stilts. For the encore, Manson brought two female fans up on stage to help sing “The Beautiful People” while he ran through the crowd all the way to the sound board and shot off a cannon filled with Manson’s $666 bills.

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Set list: Angel with Scabbed Wings, Disposable Teens, No Reflection, mOBSCENE, The Dope Show, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics cover), Antichrist Superstar

Encore: The Beautiful People

It was time for the final band of the evening. The crowd filled in when Manson hit the stage but it seemed much denser as Slipknot took the stage. A video of burning mannequins began playing in the background as the band members creeped onto the stage donned in their trademark masks and tore right into “The Negative One” off of their most recent release .5: The Gray Chapter.

Slipknot’s stage setup is intense. The band has three percussionists, one was set up center stage on risers, the other two were on either side of the stage with their equipment on hydraulic risers that moved up and down and spun around through the entire set. While the center percussionist played a traditional drum kit, the other two were playing on hollowed out kegs that appeared to be homemade drums. The band’s total of nine members come together to create an impressive sound. The band is known for their wild stage antics but fans were to expect things to be toned down a bit in light of lead singer Corey Taylor’s recent surgery. Taylor paused at one point to address his recent spine surgery, “I had surgery recently on my spine, who the f*** has to just have spine surgery for no reason?” He promised that the band was still going to deliver and they certainly did.

Chris Besaw Slipknot 2016-4353 Chris Besaw Slipknot 2016-4249

Slipknot played a selection of songs from their catalog including hits from their self-titled debut and their 2001 release, Iowa. Taylor asked the fans, “Who wants to go back to 2001 with me right now? Who wants to hear some songs off Iowa?” The band played “Distasterpiece,” “The Heretic Anthem” and later in the set “Left Behind” all tracks from Iowa.

Corey Taylor engaged the fans throughout often referring to them as “family” and requesting the lights go up so he could see their faces. The band played an extensive 18 song set. Fan favorites included “Psychosocial,” “Wait and Bleed,” “Duality” and “Spit It Out.” Taylor ended the evening by stating “I sincerely hope you have had as much fun as we have.”

Set list: The Negative One, Distasterpiece, Eyeless, Skeptic, Before I Forget, Killpop, Dead Memories, The Heretic Anthem, Psychosocial, Pulse of the Maggots, Left Behind, The Devil in I, Wait and Bleed, (sic)

Encore: Surfacing, Duality, Spit It Out


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