BEGIN TRANSMISSION : STARSET to Play Syracuse’s Lost Horizon With One Step From Falling

Heading our way to spread the message of the Starset Society is the sci-fi and cinematically brilliant band Starset. They bring their message and music to the Syracuse area masses on Thursday Oct. 29 to the famous Lost Horizon!

Starset is currently on tour in support of their release Transmissions released on Razor and Tie Records this past summer. The band consists of Dustin Bates (Lead Vocals/Keyboard), Ron Dechant (Bass/Keyboard/Backing Vocals), Brock Richards (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Adam Gilbert (Drums).

In addition I conducted a brief interview with Josh Skellet guitarist for One Step From Falling, who is one of the opening bands for the Oct. 29 show at the Lost Horizon with Starset.

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Tell me about how One Step From Falling was formed.

Josh Skellet: The band was originally formed in 2011. However, Josh’s entrance (after his band King Snyder broke up) towards the end of 2013 rejuvenated the band and helped to push the pedal to the metal for One Step From Falling. With the new formation, The four (Steve Reith, Pete Krell, Josh Skellett and Bob Bardou) have released two albums — Some Day (2014) and The Wayside (2015) and an expectant release in 2016. Redefining the band’s sound, presence and reach through physical and digital channels.

For those who are not familiar with your music how would you describe it them.

Music That Goes Straight To Your Head! One Step From Falling is a special breed of music: PURE HEADY METAL. Just let that sink in.

Who were your musical influences and did they have any influence on your music.

The band has so many different influences that it is probably easier to talk about the bands that haven’t influenced us. However, we’d like to think that our music is like Tool meets Deftones meets Chevelle.We’ve heard we vibe like Korn-basically, we’ve kind of taken the best of the 90’s and turned it into a new kind of sensory experience.

Who have been some of the bands you enjoyed playing shows with.

Wow, there’s been so many great shows and so many awesome bands-local, regional and national! It’s awesome to be able to connect with a group of talented musicians regardless of their status in the music world. From awesome shows with bands like Super Killer Robots and Caustic Method, to Trapt, EveToAdam, Finger Eleven, Powerman 5000, Boy Hits Car and even Shadows Fall and Five Finger Death Punch- Though, it’s not necessarily who we share the stage with that makes it the most enjoyable, it’s sharing an experience with the crowd that matters the most! Ten fans or 500; we love seeing those guys rockin’ out and smiling!.Horns up.

If you could play with any band currently or past, who would it be?

Tricky question! It would be a trip to be able to play with our previous or first bands. I can just imagine what me in the beginning would think of me now, HA! Playing with STARSET on 10/29 at The Lost Horizon is going to be dope. DOPE!

Any advise , shout outs or parting wisdom?

Local connections are where it all starts! Scott Dixon at 95X has been such a big supporter of us and all the local bands. Ron Keck at SubCat Studios in Syracuse helped bring the sound out of our heads into something living for everyone to breathe. Lastly, check out the official #WAYSIDE2015 video on YouTube (, stay tuned for the official video release of our newest single, our official website and webstore. Of course, thank you Chris for chatting with us.

Also on the bill for the evening is After Earth, and Blaming Hollywood.
Doors are at 6:30pm and you can get tickets here.

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