Show Review – L7 Sells Out Brooklyn’s Warsaw

In the 90’s the punk/grunge music explosion was primarily dominated by male fronted bands; however, there were a few female bands who defied the norm and managed to take the scene by storm. One group of women who managed to gain worldwide recognition was the Los Angeles punk quartet, L7.

Originally formed by Donita Sparks and Suzy Gardner in 1985, the band has had a remarkable career. They have had numerous hits such as the smash breakthrough songs “Pretend That We’re Dead” and “Andres.”

Flash forward to 2015, I’m standing in line at the famed Brooklyn punk concert hall and Polish National Home, the Warsaw, the show is SOLD OUT and L7 is playing! The last time I saw L7 was over 20 years ago and I feel the same excitement as I wait for the show to start as I did back then.

With a packed house, I  could feel the momentum building as the fans waited for L7 to hit the stage, and then it happens, smoke rolls out , the amp hum is heard, guitars are plugged in and BAM! Donita, Suzy, Jennifer and Demetra hit the stage wasting no time ripping right into “Deathwish” from their “Smell The Magic” album. Without a pause, they lit right into the mega hit “Andres.” During the song, bassist Jennifer Precious Finch miss-stepped and fell off the stage. To prove that she is still in top form, Jennifer kept right on playing, never missed a beat and jokingly quipped when the song was over, “eh, who needs notes? Notes are overrated.”

The ladies belted out a massive 18 song set with most of the songs from their most well-known albums, “Smell the Magic,” Bricks are Heavy,” and “Hungry for Stink.” They ended the evening with their fan favorite song that always gets the crowd pumped, “Fast and Frightening.” L7 thanked the crowd, said goodnight and left the stage, leaving behind a drove of wild fans chanting and begging for more. Twenty years later, L7 has proven that they are without a doubt one of the most powerful punk rock bands of all time.

L7 Warsaw-1L7 Warsaw-24 L7 Warsaw-23  L7 Warsaw-18 L7 Warsaw-2 L7 Warsaw-3 L7 Warsaw-4 L7 Warsaw-16 L7 Warsaw-5 L7 Warsaw-6 L7 Warsaw-7 L7 Warsaw-8 L7 Warsaw-10 L7 Warsaw-18 L7 Warsaw-19 L7 Warsaw-20


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