PHOTO GALLERY: The Melvins and Le Butcherettes at the Westcott Theater

Photos by: Chris Besaw

Edited by: Kelly Besaw

The house lights go down and the intro is cued, the stage floods with an eerie red light. The fans that are all gathered in the Westcott Theater start to rush toward the stage because in just mere moments the sludge metal masters, The Melvins, will take the stage!

The Melvins laid down some serious tracks from their expansive catalog of over 30 years. Their selections pleased everyone including some B sides and rarities for the diehard fans. Highlights of the show included the classic “Night Goat” and their cover of “Graveyard” by the Butthole Surfers which in my opinion was extra cool due to the fact that Jeff Pinkus the original bass player for the Butthole Surfers is currently touring with the Melvins.

Buzz Osborne, front man for the Melvins has an awesome stage presence; from his striking white hair that changes color with the stage lights to his black moo moo adorned with bright yellow and gold designs, he commands attention. The Melvins ended the night by bringing Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes out to help sing their cover of the Pop-O-Pies hit “Fascists Eat Donuts.” Le Bucherettes the garage punk band from Guadalajara, Mexico are currently on tour with the Melvins. As always, when the Melvins come to town, you get one hell of a show!

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